Choosing Your Homestay in Nepal

Choosing Your Homestay in Nepal

Choosing Your Homestay in NepalWhile the idea of a homestay might sound quaint and alluring, it's important to choose your homestay wisely. As with most accommodations in Nepal, the quality is very variable.

Those who prefer their privacy may feel more relaxed at a homestay that has separate accommodations for guests, rather than rooms in the family home.

What's outstanding about Himanshu Homestays - is that guests are assured of high standards of comfort, cleanliness, and appeal.

Homestay in Nepal are becoming increasingly popular, allowing you to experience real Nepal at affordable prices.

Himashu Home stay – Inchangu Narayan -6, Kathmandu - Nepal:
Rajan is an active tourism enterprenuer who believe in changes and positive energy in Nepal and Anshu is a house wife. Their home is a suburban villa to the North west of Thamel area of Kathmandu valley; a series of airy, open-plan living spaces arranged around a marble floors, a roof terrace, modern furnishings. This is near the Raniban Forest, a treditional Newari  style old looking building have three guest bedrooms with a private bath and the garden. They have a small family of 2 young son (7 and 4 years), one sister and mum. Anshu can teach and organise cookery demonstrations, Nepali  lessons, or a visit to Market. Or you can just hang out in the garden or join Yoga class near by in a center or teach in some schools ( volunteering) or organise your next hiking or  trek or UNESCO tour in Kathmandu valley.

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