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About us

Homestay in Kathmandu
Himanshu Homestay
Truely, ‘your home away from home’

Himanshu Homestay

Where we provide you warm experience, connecting you with friendly locals and making you feel a sense of ‘home away from home’.

A homestay is an experience a traveller must have at least once in your vacation as you will get to experience the authenticity of a destination through a local’s perspective. Isn’t travel about experiencing new things and embracing everything local? While hotels can provide you with luxury, you will hardly experience the true essence of the community or destination. Homestays provide you with warm experience, connecting you with friendly locals and making you feel a sense of ‘home away from home’.

At the Himanshu Homestay, Kathmandu, you don’t just get a room and a bed. You embrace an exquisite Newari style newly built home that features the region's distinctive terracotta bricks and antique carved wooden doors and windows. The property has four guest rooms with ensuites. Two of the guest rooms are in a separate adjoining building beside the main home.

With a rooftop kitchen and open-air lounge area, this residence can be converted for use as stand-alone apartment. You are surrounded by nature, gardens, panoramic views of mountains and stunning sunrise and sunsets. Being situated away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded Kathmandu, this homestay is located in a less populated Raniban forest area offering the desired tranquility, solitude and quality time to solo travellers and families.

Himanshu homestay is fabulous for anyone who enjoys sumptuous local cuisine. The homestay offers you organic, authentic local food, Nepali cooking demonstrations, trips to local markets and special packages for the exploration of local cuisine. The Anshu and family are passionate about preserving their Nepali local heritage, and show their pride in cooking and serving their special dishes. They are more than happy to share their secret recipes and give you the option of customisation if you have any food restrictions. Even if you need to eat out, they will share some amazing local hideouts not found on maps. At the end of your stay, you are promised to leave with an unforgettable gastronomic experience in Nepal.

No one knows Nepal better than the locals and by staying in the homestay you deeply connect with the place and get insider information. The hosts will take you on personal tours to the nearby local sightseeing places, local markets and shops, Temple and monasteries and nature walks. On days that you want to sit back and chill, revel in good company, enjoy the meaningful conversations with the family and forge a new friendship. From their stories, you will gain a very insightful understanding of their local life, their culture, how they communicate, what they eat, how they dress and their spiritual lives. All experienced first-hand by just being there.

The local Kathmandu homestay experience is bound to make you fall in love with Nepal and all things associated with Nepali culture. Besides being an affordable alternative to hotels, as guests you will feel good about contributing to the local community through your spending and giving back to places that you travel to. Please read trip advisor reviews by our guest how much they have enjoyed the Nepali home stay and cooking class with us. 

Private Parking

Private parking at our homestay ensures a secure spot for your vehicle during your stay.


Coming to our homestay is a hassle-free journey and a smooth arrival experience for our guests.

Pet Friendly

Being a pet-friendly homestay, we welcome your furry friends for comfortable & enjoyable stay.

Patio Garden

Patio garden at our home stay offer a tranquil outdoor space for relaxation and fresh air.


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Experience a Homestay in Nepal

Major Amenities

Large Bath Room

Indulge in spacious luxury with our homestay's large bathroom, providing ample room for your comfort and relaxation.

High Speed Wifi

Stay connected with high-speed WiFi that offer seamless online access and a smooth digital experience during your stay.

Air Condition

Climate-controlled environment with the air conditioning for your comfort in any weather during your stay with us.

Wahsing Machine

Our homestay is equipped with a washing machine, allowing you to keep your clothes fresh and clean throughout your stay.