General questions

No, some family member speak English well. But you should consider brushing up on your basics or learning a few phrases, however language is not the only way to communicate with your host family. The key to break the language barrier lies in using body language, pictures, drawing, or even making sounds! Use every method you can think of and enjoy your experience! Also they will teach you Nepali language while you staying at Himanshu home stay in kathmandu and you can also learn how to cook Nepali food. 

Genreally there is not problem at home stay. but incase you try your best to communicate with them but still couldn’t work the problem out, please contact support staff. You will be provided a 24-hour emergency contact phone number. Just try to remember that those problems may be happening from simple misunderstandings, so we suggest you to think things through calmly and try one more time to communicate with your family. But so far no problems. 

It is not a problem at all. Please make sure to let us know what foods you can’t or don’t want to eat in advance so that we can prepare other meal for you. But please consider trying some new foods! Nepal has too much great foods don’t miss out! We have Vegeterian and Non Vegetrian meal options. Nepali food are like Daal, Bhat, Aachar, Chapati, paratha, Momos, Tea, eggs, Musli, Porridge, some fruits, vegetable curry etc, plenty of choice. 

We’ll explain about the major culture and custom differences as well as probable misunderstandings you would face during your stay. Of course, we also encourage you to study and learn about Nepal while you’re in your country. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. 

We have a close tie up with travel agent and terkking company so we can surly organize the tours or treks for you. Sightseeing or hiking also can be arranged. Volunteering or Yoga options are there. You can also learn Nepali cooking class while you staying at Nepal home stay.