Reviews about Himanshu home stay and Nepali cooking class 


Wonderful hospitality in a fantastic neighborhood!
Amazing experience in a beautiful location of Kathmandu! Rajun and his family were so accommodating funny hospitable and generous during our stay! We ate extremely delicious meals and learnt to cook Momos together!
The neighborhood has nice walks, plenty of shops and great views over The Valley! Highly recommend staying here. !

Emily, Australia , Nov. 2023 

Awesome Homestay
We had a four night stay with Rajan and his family. This was such a pleasurable experience to be welcomed into their home. Anshu’s cooking was delicious and her home blend of tea is to die for!! I would definitely recommend a stay was this beautiful family.

Alison G. , Australia , Oct. 2023

Delicious cooking class! Highly recommend!

I had a wonderful morning with Ansu and Hema cooking 7 Nepal dishes. I was a welcomed with a warm cup of masala tea and they adapted the menu around my dietary requirements (GF) which I really appreciated. Lots of hands on chopping and cooking with them in the kitchen whilst making as many notes as possible to make sure I can recreate accurately! All 7 dishes we made were absolutely delicious, and the way they arranged it all was great. Dishes were: Dahl, chicken curry, matar paneer, spinach, cauliflower, pickle & rice

Charlotte C
November 2022

Most amazing Nepalese Experience
Staying at this guesthouse completed our experience in Nepal. The communication was Rajuun was excellent from the second we got to the airport and throughout the entire time in Nepal.

This homestay is located in a peaceful part of Kathmandu. However, it is walking distance to a famous swing in park and restaurant that overlooks the whole city. Hiking trails and local shops surround the area.

The upstairs also has an excellent area to work from with great wifi. Whether you're a digital nomad or looking to plan your adventure in Nepal this place isn great.

We were lucky enough to be at the guest house during the big holiday. The food,company and location were perfect.

If you're looking for a comfortable place to ease into your Himalayan adventure look no further than this homestay!!

Kathyan - USA , Oct 2023 

Wonderful Nepali cooking class!

I’ve just returned home from a spectacular trip to Nepal! As a part of this, I was offered an unexpected and fantastic opportunity to participate in a Nepali cuisine cooking class!

This class is offered by the sweet wife of our most excellent tour operator, Rajan (owner of Earthbound Expeditions, please see my review of our wonderful experience with him!)

Our driver took us to the lovely neighborhood where they live.. surrounded by rice fields and pretty gardens.. we were welcomed into their home as the class took place in their kitchen!

Anshu greeted the three of us and together we set the menu.. masala tea, sautéed mustard greens, Dal (lentils), Masu (chicken), Pickle Salad, rice, Chapati (aka Aalooparattia which is a fantastic potato filled bread like tortilla!) and of course.. my much beloved chicken MoMo’s!

K. J.
September 2022


Good Experience

This is the family place and also good for yoga and meditation, best location and the hospitality is so good. Thank you for everything.
The cooking class was a fabulous experience that we did . We were like a family in that place

Sepehr Koja
September 2022


A cultural experience

I stayed at the Himanshu homestay for 4 nights and I had a lovely time. The location was peaceful and scenic, away from the hustle and bustle. The accommodation was in close proximity to shops, spiritual places as well as to some touristy spots. The view from the top was simply breathtaking and I witnessed fantastic sunrise and sunsets.

The host family was simply charming, accommodating and extremely hospitable, catering to all my needs like my own family. We bonded over meals, conversations and short outings. The meals prepared by Anshu was amazing and it was a fantastic cultural experience learning about the cooking, ingredients and preparation. I was taken by the family to the Pashupatinath Temple (an eye-opening experience), one of the world heritage sites on the very auspicious Shivarathri day and Rajan ji shared all details pertaining to the significance of the event. Best of all, i loved the company of Rajan Ji's son, Arjesh, who is simply a joy to have around. So wise and so cultured for a 10 year old.

February 2022


Quiet place in Katmandu
You will enjoy your trip to this beautiful family place. Everyone will take care of you and it's a quite place in Katmandou. You could enjoy the area with the family, eat with them and have very nice discussion about the culture.

Vrillu, France
February 2022

Experience Nepali home life
I chose a homestay for my third trip to Nepal so I could learn how people in another culture live, which isn't fully possible when staying in a tourist-oriented hotel or guest house. The family is a typical Nepali extended family, with two parents and two young sons, a widowed grandmother, and an adult sister, a wonderfully sweet woman with a learning disability.

On the first morning of my Kathmandu homestay, four small boys, aged four to eleven years, all wanted to meet the American. I welcomed them into my comfortable room, with attached bath. Many of my belongings enthralled them. Next they escorted me to the garden, where the oldest son, Arjan, showed me each plant and instructed me to take its picture.

Arjan showed me his turtles next, then introduced me to Lucy, the guard dog. She's kept in a kennel during the day, but roams the garden in this well-to-do suburb at night to keep intruders at bay. Most homes in the neighborhood appear to have dogs, which cause some noise in the night. Lucy is a sweet dog, and welcomes my pats.


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